Design and Development Facilities

  • We have tool room facilities for Designing and development of  Press  tools ,Jigs and Fixtures required for new and existing components.

  • All the jigs & fixtures for the manufacture of Shifter Forks , bearing Caps have been designed and manufactured in house only.

  • All the Dies and Punches for the manufacture of vehicle Door Hinges are also manufactured in house.

  • We have various reference books on Material selection, stress factors, standard availability, ISO standards, BTL Standards.

  • We also have Graduate Mechanical Engineers who look after design and development of press tools, Jigs and fixtures and help us improve quality and productivity.

Social Initiatives of Our Company

We have been working on many Social Initiatives for the benefit of the workers and their families.

  • We distribute books and Notebooks at the beginning of the year to all studying children of the workers.

  • All children excelling in their studies are recognized and rewarded.

  • We have offered Interest Free Loans for the workers who had no electricity at their homes. In 2013-2014 1 worker was helped

  • We have vouched to make sure each and every worker in our factory will have a toilet at home in the coming year. The requisite funding will be made available thru our company for the same.

  • We have offered Interest Free Loans for the workers who had no Domestic Gas Cylinders at their homes. In 2013-2014 (30 workers opted for it.)

  • Every year a two day sight- seeing tour is organized for the workers to nearby places.


  • Vehicle Door Hinges

  • Agriculture Tractor Transmission Forks

  • Z F Gear Box Fork

  • Engine Bearing Caps

  • 4th Axis VMC Machined Parts